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492 KB Daemon Tools 3.47 Useful utility for mounting CD and DVD images. This was the last version to run on Windows 98.
40 KB Disk Copy 4.2 Floppy disk imaging utility. This version was originally intended for System 6.x on the Macintosh.
Easy-CD Pro MM
1.7 MB Easy-CD Pro MM 3.0 CD recording software; required a SCSI CD-R drive. Also can create ISO image files. For Windows 3.1.
1.7 MB MacOpener 2.0 Retrieve files from Macintosh floppy disks on the PC. For Windows 3.1 and 95.
McAfee PCCrypto 1.0.1 32-bit International
3.9 MB McAfee PCCrypto 1.0.1 (International) Encryption tool preventing others access to your files, or as a secure way to send sensitive data via e-mail. Only the 40-bit algorithm is available, due to US export restrictions. For Windows 95.
Norton Navigator for Windows 95 (3.5).zip
3.6 MB Norton Navigator for Windows 95 Essentially a replacement to Norton Desktop and XTree Gold, a combination of a file manager and additional enhancements to Windows 95. Recommended for Windows 95A (RTM) for compatibility.
1-TO-95B.EXE (for Windows 95B)
b-to-95c.exe (for Windows 95C)
2.2 MB
866 KB
Norton Navigator for Windows 95 Patches Patches to improve compatibility with later Windows 95 versions.
Norton Your Eyes Only 4.02 International
3.2 MB Norton Your Eyes Only 4.02 (International) Encryption tool preventing others to access your files. Also features password protection upon booting the PC, and with screensavers that can be activated via a hotkey. Not compatible with Windows NT. For Windows 95.
70 KB PKZIP & PKUNZIP Once synonymous with ZIP files, these were once popular shareware utilities for file compression pre-Windows 95. For MS-DOS 5.0 or later.
110 KB SpeedSys 4.78 A DOS utility written by Russian Vladimir Afanasiev that's great for benchmarking your vintage system. Should run fine between 386 to Pentium III processor-based systems.
614 KB WinZip 6.3 SR-1 This version added support for automatic disk spanning when creating a ZIP file over multiple floppy disks. For Windows 3.1.
921 KB WinZip 7.0 SR-1 Added support to open files in Microsoft's CAB format. For Windows 95 or later.
1.7 MB WinZip 8.1 Improved integration with Windows Explorer, and first to officially support Windows XP. For Windows 95 or later.
3.9 MB WinZip 9.0 SR-1 Added support for 128- and 256-bit key AES encryption. The Readme file states this version requires Windows 98 as a minimum, though have successfully installed on Windows 95.
XTree for Windows
3.3 MB XTree for Windows 1.0 Initial transition of XTree to Windows as an alternative to File Manager. Included is a self-extracting patch to update to Version 1.01d. For Windows 3.0 or later.
XTree Pro Gold
612 KB XTree Gold Pro 1.3 Once popular hard disk management utility. Requires MS-DOS 3.1 or later.