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Adobe FrameMaker
27 MB Adobe FrameMaker 5.1.1 Desktop publishing application to create long and complex documentation. For Windows 95 and NT 3.51 or later.
Claris FileMaker Pro
2.2 MB Claris FileMaker Pro 2.0 Database application without the need for programming. Version 2.0 was the first release supporting Windows. For Windows 3.x.
2.4 MB ClarisWorks 1.0 A productivity suite including word processor, graphics, database, and spreadsheet functions. For Windows 3.x.
228 KB ClipArt Gallery 2.0a Patch Updates ClipArt Gallery that accompanies Microsoft Office, Publisher, and Works resolving an issue with user permissions under Windows NT.
Lotus 1-2-3
9.6 MB Lotus 1-2-3 5.0 The final version of this spreadsheet program to support Windows 3.1.
Lotus SmartSuite 1.7 for
165 MB Lotus SmartSuite 1.7 Office application suite; Word Pro, 1-2-3, and Freelance Graphics. For IBM OS/2.
755 KB Microsoft Access 2.0 Date Update Modifies how Microsoft Access interprets two-digit years, more specifically with dates post year 2000.
1.9 MB Microsoft Access 2.0 Service Pack Updates the Jet database engine to Version 2.5, OLE DLL files, and some ISAM drivers.
849 KB Microsoft Access 95 Internet Assistant Add-In Allows data from a table, query, or form to be presented in HTML format.
586 KB Microsoft Creative Writer 2 Patch A patch to resolve an issue performing spell-check that leads to an error message received.
Microsoft Excel
2.1 MB Microsoft Excel 3.0 At a time when Microsoft Excel was taking over spreadsheet domination from Lotus 1-2-3. For Windows 3.x.
2 MB Microsoft Excel 95 Viewer Allows files from Excel 2.0 to Excel 95 to be viewed and printed. For Windows 95 and NT 3.51 or later.
1.9 MB Microsoft Excel 97/2000 Date Migration Tool 2.0 Assist with two-digit year dates for post-year 2000 dates.
137 KB Microsoft Excel 97 Workbook Consolidation Wizard An add-in to allow easier consolidation of several workbooks into a single master workbook.
898 KB Microsoft Draw 97 Add drawing capabilities to Microsoft Office 97.
959 KB Microsoft Draw 98 Later version adding drawing capabilities to Microsoft Office 97.
1.3 MB Microsoft Jet 3.51 Database Engine SP3  
2.8 MB Microsoft Jet 4.0 Database Engine SP4  
Microsoft Office 4.2.1
59 MB Microsoft Office 4.2.1 for Macintosh (Australia/New Zealand Release) Office suite comprising of Word 6.0.1, Excel 5.0, and PowerPoint 4.0. The last to run on 68K Macs and the first for PowerPC. For System 7.x or later.
momupdate.txt (Readme)
190 KB
2 KB
Microsoft Office Manager 4.2.1c Macintosh Update Improves stability with System 7.5.2 and later due to changes with memory management, and an issue concerning redundant aliases.
205 KB Microsoft Office 97 Automation Help From Microsoft Technical Support, this help file provides theory and examples on automation across the suite of products.
3.9 MB Microsoft Office 97 Developer Edition SP2 Minor service pack.
1.5 MB Microsoft Office 97 File & Registry Eraser Utility Assists with cleaning up remaining files and registry settings after the removal of Office 97.
169 KB Microsoft Office 97 Uninstall Registry Cleanup A tool to assist cleaning up the registry after Office 97 was uninstalled.
Microsoft Office 2000 File and Registry Eraser
279 KB Microsoft Office 2000 File & Registry Eraser Utilities A utility for each of the Office CDs used for installation, these are to assist with cleaning up the removal of Office 2000.
614 KB Microsoft PowerPoint 4.0 Viewer for Macintosh Allows files from PowerPoint 2.0 to PowerPoint 4.0 to be viewed.
801 KB Microsoft PowerPoint 95 Animation Player Allows viewing of PowerPoint animated web pages regardless if PowerPoint is installed or not. Works best with at Internet Explorer 3.0 or Netscape Navigator 2.0 or later. For Windows 95 and NT 3.51 or later.
868 KB Microsoft PowerPoint 95 Animation Player & Publisher Whilst including the Animation Player, this also allows to convert PPT (default PowerPoint files) into a compressed PPZ format to improve downloading on web pages.
389 KB Microsoft PowerPoint 95 Translator for Macintosh View PowerPoint 95 presentation files with PowerPoint 4.0 on the Macintosh.
PPTVW16.EXE (for Windows 3.1)
PPTVW32.EXE (for Windows 95 & NT)
1.3 MB
1.5 MB
Microsoft PowerPoint 95 Viewer Allows files from PowerPoint 2.0 to PowerPoint 95 to be viewed. The 16-bit version (for Windows 3.1) also contains a translator for those with PowerPoint 4.0 installed, to work with PowerPoint 95 files.
185 KB Microsoft PowerPoint 97 Number Bullets Add-In This will sequentially number the bullets of first level paragraphs for any selected shape that contains text.
PP8_68k.hqx (for 68K Mac)
PP8_PPC.hqx (for PowerPC)
764 KB
838 KB
Microsoft PowerPoint 97/98 Import Converter for Macintosh Allows PowerPoint 97 and 98 files to be opened using PowerPoint 4.0.
PPVIEW16.EXE (for Windows 3.1)
PPVIEW97.EXE (for Windows 95 & NT)
1.8 MB
2.7 MB
Microsoft PowerPoint 97 Viewer Allows files up to PowerPoint 97 to be viewed. Unlike the previous version (95), the 16-bit version will refuse to install on Windows 95 and NT.
Microsoft Publisher 1.0 (3.5).zip
3 MB Microsoft Publisher 1.0 Entry-level desktop publishing application for Windows 3.0.
88 KB Microsoft Publisher 2.0 File Converter for Word 6.0 Allows conversion of files between Word 6.0 and Pubisher 2.0. Requires Microsoft Word 6.0 for Windows.
195 KB Microsoft Works 3.0 File Converter for Word 6.0 Allows conversion of files between Word 6.0 and Works 3.0. Requires Microsoft Word 6.0 for Windows.
Microsoft Word 1.1a for Windows (3.5 720 KB).zip (3.5" 720 KB Floppy)
Microsoft Word 1.1a for Windows (3.5 1.44 MB).zip (3.5" 1.44MB Floppy)
3.3 MB
5.1 MB
Microsoft Word 1.1a for Windows Updated release of the original for improved support with Windows 3.0. Requires Windows 2.11 or later.
207 KB Microsoft Word 6.0 File Converter for Word 5.0 for Macintosh Allows Word 5.0 to view files created using Word 6.0.
745 KB Microsoft Word 6.0 File Converter for Word 2.0 for Windows Allows Word 2.0 to view files created using Word 6.0. Requires Windows 3.1, due to the use of OLE 2.0.
804 KB Microsoft Word 6.0 Macintosh Supplemental Converters Add the ability to open and save in additional document formats, such as MacWrite II, Microsoft Word for MS-DOS, and WordPerfect 2.0 and 3.0 for Macintosh.